Security communications: IPv4-6 (Data), VoIP (Voice), VTC (Video)

• Information Assurance (IA)

• Communication Security (COMSEC)

• Information Security (INFOSEC)

• Transmission Security (TRANSEC)

• Anti-Tamper (AT)

• C4ISR solutions

• Equipment and system life cycle support

• Installation, maintenance, and testing capabilities

• Legacy system support, upgrades and migration

• Information security policy development

• In house certification training


• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

• Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)

• Global Information Grid (GIG)

• Awareness training program development and performance

• Firewall solutions, network intrusion detection and prevention

• Metadata Environments (MDE)

• Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)

We are experts in what we do

Our staff are highly qualified senior level professionals with a range of 10-25 years of experience, are considered Subject Matter Experts and technology leaders in their fields. ClemCorp provides: Engineering, Program Management, Infrastructure, and Enterprise level support for Information Technologies (IT) and Information Assurance (IA). Company headquarters located in Dayton Ohio, we have an extensive background working with both the government and commercial customers. Our reputation of high-quality services, exceptional personal and customer satisfaction ensures the best value for our customers.

Providing Innovative Solutions And Service to Government, Corporate and Private Clients.

information technology

• Systems integration, administration and management

• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

• Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)

• E-Business solutions • Database design and management

• Legacy systems application support and migration

• Video teleconferencing (VTC) support

• Internet/Web site development

• Software, application development, programming

• Systems Engineering Process (SEP) DoD 5000 series

• 24-7-365 Help Desk Support


• LAN/WAN/MAN infrasture design and development

• Network data performance and integrity monitoring

• Installation, maintenance, and administration

• System upgrades and migrations

• Desktop set-up and support • Enterprise Architecture (EA)

• Copper, fiber, and wireless solutions

• Facilities administration and management Security Clearances

•  Comprehensive training solutions